Carry The Kettle First Nation Mental Health Awareness Youth Conference

I am blessed to sit here and reflect on my experience! my participation was a contributing growing experience within my healing journey. I had spoke about negative emotions during adolescent years that are the breeding ground for Role Confusion rather than Identity (Erikson's Psychosocial Model). I spoke about Role Confusion and how that manifests into Addictions and Mental Health. Co-Dependency was also a topic that i had spoke about with the youth. 

I had used my personal story to teach the topics of Role Confusion, Addictions, Depression, Anxiety and Co Dependency. My presentation consisted of a powerpoint presentation and music videos. I had learned through many Elders, teachers and mentors that my story is not meant for me to keep but it is meant for me to share. Sharing to connect with others so they can also grow towards their purpose within the universe. 

- Jenelle McArthur