Today is International Women's Day!

Today we honour all live givers that walk here on mother earth.  It is important to honour all life givers, more often do we forget to give thanks to those who have given us life.   Gratitude goes a long way and being able to share appreciation to the women in your life, grandmothers, mothers, aunties, cousins, sisters, daughters and friends.  Together we can celebrate our accomplishments and honour each other.  I would like to give a big thank to my mommy Marcella Poitras.  She is the backbone of our family always ensuring that we had all that we needed.  I am forever grateful for her and all that she does to help me grow to be my best thank you mom.  For my older sister Amber Memnook my first best friend but a warm heart and ear to lend thank you for all that you do.  For my nieces Ocean Rayne Memnook and Ember Paulina Sky Memnook I love you and thank you for choosing us as your family.  For my Grandmother Rose Kay thank you for being the matriarch in our family and teaching each of us the role of being a strong proud Indigenous woman.  My partner Celina Pelletier for always being my support to weather any storm and loving all aspects of me, Thank you I love you!  For my mother in law Louise Nicols thank you for making the most beautiful woman for me to love.  For welcoming me and accepting me into your family.  For my sister in laws thank you for welcoming me with open arms into your family.  For my closest friends that I take like sisters thank you for laughing with me from the bottoms of our bellies and having words of wisdom to share with me at times of need.   For all my Aunties and cousins thank you for being each individually strong and beautiful women taking care of your home fires.    For all Indigenous women across the world thank you for being resilient and beautiful beyond words.  But most importantly to my Indigenous sisters that are missing and murdered your stories will never be forgotten and collectively we pray that you come home safely.

xoxo Paulie