Happy Birthday Carrie!!

We were blessed to come together, as a team, to celebrate Carrie's day of birth. We had a delicious lunch, followed by yummy black forest cake! Acknowledging Carrie for her time and dedication to the projects she shines light on is totally necessary. She truly is a courageous woman that inspires the young and old to pursue their purpose. 

Her birthday celebration ended with a few of the lab members meeting for pedicures after work! It was a relaxing and bonding experience for all the ladies that attended. Self care and the importance was a topic conversation. We reflected on where our feet had taken us in life and the need to care for them so they can continue taking us where we need to go. 

A special thank you to Paulete Poitrais! Paulete always gets the details just right for our get togethers. She tends to go the extra mile for love that she knows what everyone deserves!