Indigenous Health Conference

What a blessed experience 2 of the "Lab Strawberries" had when they attended the Indigenous Health Conference in Mississauga, Ontario! For 1 "strawberry" it was her first time flying. Michelle and Jenelle had the opportunity to present their created Indigenous Sexual Health Program. This program is funded by the Saskatchewan Enhancement Initiative. Planned Parenthood Regina is the co founder of the program, feel free to enquire about the program if you are interested in learning more about it! 


Dr. Carrie Bourassa had a packed room as she delivered her lecture on Community Based Research. Michelle and Jenelle had listened and observed the health care providers take notes on the key aspects of the life changing work that Dr. Bourassa delivers to the communities. It was a humbling experience to have healthcare providers learn and recognize the dedicated work that is given to Community Based Research. Digging Deep: Finding the root causes of HIV/AIDS within Indigenous women is a project that is has a lot of anticipation amongst the community members and healthcare providers! There is a link to learn more about the conference>