Happy International Women's Day!!!

March 8th is International Women’s Day and on Treaty Four land in Fort Qu’Appelle I (Jessica Dieter, Community Research Assistant) attended the Qu’Appelle Safe Haven’s event to honour and celebrate being an Indigenous women and all the strength that comes from that.  This day was truly moving and brought me to some emotional moments as I heard women speak from the heart.  The day started with an opening prayer from elder Cecile Asham. It was then followed up with a session of Journey Dance with Michelle Brass.  This session allowed participants to use their bodies to feel the music and let what whatever movement to flow freely.  It was fun way to let loose and break a little sweat.  Next Erin Goodpipe-Ironstand shared her story with the crowd on “Dropping the Baggage of Intergenerational Trauma”.  After lunch the next speaker, Tala Tootoosis shared her story: “Be Strong, Be Fearless, Be Limitless”.  The last speaker was Chasity Delorme, her talk “The Water Within”.   Each story was unique, each painful and empowering in its own way.  It was an honour to hear these stories of loss, grief, healing, and hope for the future.  Each of the stories was tied back to the colonization and assimilation that Indigenous women have been resisting.  The t-shirts that the event gave out read, “We are rising strong and resilient” and the speakers really showed this to be true in their words, their laughs and tears.  The most beautiful part of the day, was a group of three young girls (Jordynn Delorme, Jayda Delorme, and Sadie Turningrobe) in beautiful ribbon skirts who sang Round dance songs in between speakers.  Their voices were beautiful, united and really showed the hope for the future.