Condolences To The O'Watch Family


Morning Star Lodge would like to send our condolences to the O'Watch family and the community of Carry the Kettle First Nation. Freda O'Watch has worked with Morning Star Lodge in many capacities. She was a part of the Canadian Indigenous Cognitive Assessment (CICA) project and assisted with translating a dementia assessment tool from English to Nakota. She was involved in our Community Research Advisory Committee (CRAC) and most recently the Water Economics, Policy, and Governance Network (WEPGN) session that took place at the All Nations Healing Hospital. Freda was an amazing lady to work with, we will miss her warm hugs and seeing her friendly smile. Pinamaya Freda for all your great work with Morning Star Lodge and the community we serve.

"It’s said when a life giver leaves their earthly body, communities build a fire and make offerings and plead to her spirit to not forget us with a promise to celebrate their lifeways and teachings - our way of not forgetting them and passing her legacy onward to future young ones. Migwetch (the words of my Anishnabae ancestor grandmothers)" - Elder Betty McKenna

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