Treaty 4 Elders' Gathering Photos

The 2019 Treaty 4 Elders Gathering, held on January 22 at the Treaty 4 Governance Centre, was formed to assemble Elders so that they may communicate in their languages and address the Treaty Protection and Crown Relations. Elders had the opportunity to participate in roundtable discussions to share their feedback and advice. The gathering began by lifting the pipes, praying for good relations and a positive outcome towards the topic. 38 Nations came together and Morning Star Lodge (MSL) had the opportunity to sit amongst elders to listen to the discussion regarding the importance of respecting treaties made more than 145 years ago.

Traditionally, we have always turned to our elders for their guidance, wisdom, and leadership in our nations. MSL recognizes the importance of this practice and respects our Elders’ leadership, and by doing so it was important for the team to fellowship with Treaty 4 Elders and community members at the gathering. The MSL team handed out posters for the Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovation (CABHI) project call for participants. This was a wonderful time to engage with Elders and listen to their advice for what they would like to see in the future when addressing Indigenous health research.

See below to view the photographs that Morning Star Lodge had taken of the event: