Digging Deep: Examining the Root Causes of HIV and AIDS Among Aboriginal Women Final Report


The final report for Digging Deep: Examining the Root Causes of HIV and AIDS Among Aboriginal Women is out today for World AIDS Day. This project began in 2014 and concluded in 2018 and involved a collaboration between Morning Star Lodge and All Nations Hope Network (ANHN). The report features direct quotations from the Indigenous women who participated in the project and aims to describe the role of colonization in current HIV rates and identify culturally appropriate services available and needed for HIV positive Indigenous women. More information about Aboriginal AIDS Awareness Week at ANHN can be found here: http://allnationshope.ca/event-calendar/list/all

The final report for Digging Deep is available here:

Regina North Central Smudge Walk


Morning Star Lodge staff were among the over 100 people in attendance for Regina's North Central annual Smudge Walk on June 1st. The walk is a celebration of Indigenous culture, community, and prayer. Participants walked a perimeter around the North Central community and then convened in Dewdney Park for a community barbecue  and a showcase of local Indigenous talent. Sage for smudging was also provided to participants as a symbol of prayer and cleansing. 


Congress of The Humanities and Social Sciences 2018

Congress_2018_Logo with Date_Buffalo_Eng_Horiz_RGB.JPG

Morning Star Lodge is proud to have joined the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences 2018, held at the University of Regina from May 26 to June 1, 2018. There were 70 academic associations from across Canada who converged at the University of Regina to showcase the leading research in history, education, theatre, language, and communication. The theme of Congress 2018 was “Gathering Diversities”, in which a major topic of discussion was social change, the importance of representation, and policy.


Morning Star Lodge presented their findings from the Water Economics, Policy, and Governance Network project in the Indigenous Literary Studies Association program and the Women’s and Gender Studies et Recherches Féministes program. Elder Betty Mckenna provided the attendees with Traditional Knowledge and teachings of the importance of water and water protection to Indigenous culture in relation to Indigenous women. Danette Starblanket and Marlin Legare presented on water policy, water economics, and relevant topics affected by water governance such as the Idle No More movement. The sessions were both well attended.