Carry the Kettle First Nation Mental Health Youth Conference

 Click here to see more pictures from the event!

Click here to see more pictures from the event!

This conference was filled with real life struggles & successes! Here are some of the wonderful words of advise that were shared that day...

Creeson Agecoutay

“Education is our Buffalo”

 “My connection is to the land, I needed to go back to Cowessess First Nation Reserve in order to learned about who I was… I had to go back to my roots.”

Jenelle McArthur

“For too long I was chained to the bottle.” 

“Within each of us is a good and a bad wolf; the direction our lives go depends on which wolf we choose to feed the most.” 

“Someone once told me that addiction is the worst break up that I’ll ever go through; I believe that alcohol was the worst breakup, because the disease is persistent it always comes back. Cunning, baffling, powerful.” “As Pink’s lyrics say: “When it’s good, it’s good, until it goes sooooo bad!” 

“The most important relationship you can have is with yourself.”

Michelle Descheneaux

“Seek respect not attention it lasts longer.”

“You have to begin by respecting yourself.” 

“When you respect yourself you attract other people that respect themselves.” 

“Self care is vital; Self care for me includes: pow wow, exercise, eating healthy, true friendship, meditation & prayer, reading, ceremonies, Elders and family.” 

“Learn to practice COURAGEOUS VULNERABILITY: despite your fear of the challenge to come, you choose to do it anyway.”

Paulette Poitras

“I am two-spirited.” 

“It took allot of courage to be honest with my parents about this, with some initial resistance, they love me through and through and now love this new side of me as well.” 

“I want to be that ONE person for someone!”

Shana Pasap

“Don’t be the bully of the class!” 

“Being able to accept the things I cannot change has made me a good fighter.” 

“There are things in life you can control, such as: nutrition, rest, conditioning, attitude and techniques.” 

“Your ATTITUDE is everything. Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you. Give people your full attention, that means allot.” 

“Get up every morning and remind yourself: I CAN DO THIS!”

“Don’t count the days, make the days count!”


“My mom says: “always remember where you come from and remember who you are.””


“Whatever you choose to do, be passionate and love what you do!”