Part-Time Student Research Assistant

Description: The Morningstar Lodge, established by the Canada Foundation for Innovation and supported and maintained by HSNRI, is a lab that embodies mentorship. It is a student training lab that fosters a team environment where undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral trainees are supervised by Dr. Bourassa and her academic team. Elders are also actively involved in guiding every research project as they play a critical role in the lab and are always available to student trainees. Innovative Indigenous research methodologies are blended with Western methodologies to exemplify the "Two-Eyed Seeing Model" in the lab. Mentorship in the lab happens not only between academic supervisor/student but also between students as well as between Elders and students, community members and students and, especially, between community members and academics. 

Indigenous Community-Based Research is based on four core values (sometimes called the “4 Rs”): respect, responsibility, reciprocity and relevance. Our model embodies these values, as we understand that our diverse projects are relevant not only to our community partners but to all involved. 

We are seeking a part-time graduate student to assist with a variety of Indigenous community-based health projects. 

Grad Stipendary Award

AGE-WELL Rural/Remote Indigenous Technology Needs Exploration (RRITE) Graduate Contract!

Description: This is a Network Centres of Excellence/AGE-WELL funded community partnership grant between Health Sciences North Research Institute and File Hills Qu’Appelle Tribal Council. There are projects and partners from other academic institutions and community organizations from across Canada. Our specific project WP 1.1 RRITE will examine user needs of older adults in rural and remote areas as well as acceptability for Indigenous older adults, in an attempt to increase accessibility of the technologies developed in AGE-WELL. Our main activities include: 1) Exploration of the digital divide - survey of bandwidth access for all SK residents outside the two main urban areas, including First Nations communities; 2) Qualitative and quantitative survey of user needs and needs associated with user diversity in rural/remote participants; 3) Relationship building with Indigenous communities in southern SK, northern ON, and PEI necessary for community-based participatory research. Our objectives are: Identify needs related to challenges posed by geographic isolation; Describe issues in rural user diversity that may impact user needs; Discover personally relevant end-user needs in the target populations; Determine rural user needs for remote training for AGE-WELL technologies; and, Use a community-based participatory approach to explore cultural relevance of AGE-WELL technologies. 


Peer Research Associate (PRA)

Three Positions Available in Regina, Saskatoon, & Prince Albert


Description: Peer Research Assistants (PRAs) will be hired based on the geographical layout of Saskatchewan. Consideration will be given to reaching out to women most affected by HIV and often underrepresented in research.

We are seeking motivated, experienced and enthusiastic Indigenous women who’s knowledge base with Indigenous women living with HIV/AIDS to fill these part-time, 1 year contract positions. The contract may be renewed at the end of the first year.

Each PRA will be responsible for completing a multi-phase training session. This will include intensive training in research methods, privacy and confidentiality, facilitating interviews, the CHIWOS survey, computer literacy, supporting participants and self care. Each PRA will also be responsible for recruiting women that are living with HIV to participate in sharing circle/focus group and for facilitating interviews in their region.

Contact our Community Research Assistant Paulete Poitras for more information: ppoitras@hsnri.ca



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We'll be looking for Community Research Assistants to join our team for our MInd Care & KICA/CICA Projects. Until then, feel free to check out our partners empoyment opportunities out of the File Hills Qu'Appelle Tribal Council.