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Project of Heart Closing Ceremony

  • Regina Indian Industrial School cemetery Off of Pinkie Road, West of the Dojak Centre (map)

We welcome you to join us at the Regina Indian Industrial School cemetery!

Jenna Tickell (an RA in this Lab) facilitated Project of Heart (by Sylvia Smith) out of Luther College Campus, this semester. This is a program curriculum initiative, that educates people about the history of the Residential School system in Canada. It is unique for its': collective, artistic, activist approach. Our group chose to commemorate the Regina Indian Industrial School. 

We are coming together this Saturday to invoke awareness of these sacred burial grounds, and to commemorate the survivors of this school. We are here to remind the spirits of this burial, that they have not been forgotten and that they will not be forgotten!

Elder Betty McKenna (our Lab Elder) has agreed to do a smudge ceremony for the spirits of children that were buried in this cemetery. Lee Prosper (from the Canadian Roots Exchange Program, out of Luther College Campus) has also volunteered to sing and drum an honour song for all of those who attended the Regina Indian Industrial School.

Our group is coming together to "walk about" the sacred grounds of this cemetery and to reconnect with our roots. We acknowledge our Canadian colonial history and the intergenerational effects such history has had, particularly on children and families associated with the Residential School system imposed by our government. We have decided to petition specifically for the Truth and Reconciliation Call to Action #75: Click to link to our virtual petition. 

We would love to see you there; any support is welcome.